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For Buyers

You need a broker who will help you successfully navigate our highly competitive market to help you get the house you want but without compromising your interests or taking any unwise risks.

Understanding Your Needs and Desires

Few things make me happier than buyers telling me how thoroughly and quickly I came to understand what they wanted and needed in a home. This home search is about you and I will listen very carefully to your hopes, dreams, and desires as well as your limitations, to help you find a home that you love and that will also be a good investment. We will also tailor the process to suit your needs, whether that be the means by which we communication, what search tools we use, the days and times when we tour houses, or whatever else you need. This home search is about YOU!



Proactive communication with listing brokers and clients is often what tips the scales for my buyers. Whether it’s understanding that my buyers and I need to see a house immediately, what would make an offer particularly appealing to the seller (price doesn’t always win) or inspiring confidence in the seller that we (my buyers, the lender and me) are the team they want to work with, communication can make or break whether a buyer gets the house they want. My buyers often get houses even though their offers are not the highest. My buyers are given a “second bite at the apple” to win a house because sellers and their brokers will want to work with us. It’s also extremely important to me that my buyers understand the process every step of the way and that they feel empowered to make their best decisions because they have all the information and all the facts possibly available.


Be Proactive

Proactivity is the name of the game. From the moment a promising property hits the market, I will be off and running, making sure you see it online quickly, finding out the seller’s plan for reviewing offers and making a plan to see tour it as we need to to keep you in the running. This is a confusing time with sellers sometimes honoring offer review dates, sometimes not and often not having a clear plan either way. I will navigate this gauntlet for you and with you and advise on when it’s best to move quickly and when it’s best to hold back. It’s this extra footwork that can often make the difference between landing and losing a house. It’s also a great way to communicate to the sellers that we’re a team they want to work with.


Strategic, High Quality Offers

My background in business management, law, negotiation and mediation, gives me great insight into how to craft strategic offers that will be appealing to sellers while protecting the interests of my buyers. I will help you construct aggressive but smart offers that will win the day. More than one listing broker has said an offer submitted on behalf of my buyers is the best they have received in their careers. Whether that be in terms of quality, presentation, completeness, accuracy, responsiveness to the seller or all of the above, in this competitive market, it all matters!



Buyers often overlook the importance of choosing a lender in this market. Rates and fees are definitely important, but so are less obvious things such as the lender’s ability to close on-time, their availability and responsiveness and, perhaps more importantly, their motivation to be an active member of the TEAM it takes to get you a house. Buyers are free to choose their lender but I am always happy to explain why the lender you choose is important and provide references to lenders who have helped hundreds of my clients land houses.


Due Diligence

Moving quickly does not mean cutting corners! I always ensure my clients have done whatever inspections and additional investigations they should prior to being committed to a house, and no one makes an offer without having full confidence that the price they’re offering makes sense given both the market and their personal situation. My competitive market analyses are analytical and valuable. If we need to call in specialists to give you opinions on remodeling, structure, foundations, drainage, you name it, before or after you’re under contract, I have a full roster of vendor partners motivated to help, without asking any kind of commitment to work with them in the future.


Multiple Offer Specialist

The greater Seattle market is extremely competitive for buyers. It is not uncommon for properties to receive 20+ offers. There's much more to a winning offer than a high purchase price: excellent communication with the listing broker even before the offer goes in, writing clean and appealing offer packages, collaborating with solid lenders who can actually make buyers more competitive while protecting their interests, uncovering the less obvious ways to make an offer appealing to the seller, being highly proactive and strategic including sometimes moving ahead of an offer review date and sometimes waiting. In the age of online information, buyers often underestimate how critical a good agent is to landing them a house. In competitive situations, it is especially important and I am a specialist in this area.

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Hania is infectiously passionate and knowledgeable and she creates a fully engaging and personal experience for her clients. It is truly her pleasure to fulfill her clients’ requests throughout the transaction and that definitely comes through. Contact Hania today to discuss all your real estate needs!

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