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For Sellers

You need a broker who will help you get the best return on investment and also ensure you have a smooth selling process, from preparation to closing.

Getting Started

Our first meeting will ideally be in your home so that I can see it in person prior to running a comparative market analysis. During this first meeting we can also discuss generally how to prepare the home for sale. I can also show you examples of the tools I use to market homes and, of course, you can ask me any and all questions you may have about me, my experience, the process, etc. During this first meeting I want to get a solid sense not only of your home but also of what your goals and needs are during the sale of your home. Even if you’re just trying to decide if you should sell your home at all, I’m happy to be a part of helping you make the best possible decisions.


Working With Me

In our follow-up meeting, which can be in person or online, I will provide a comprehensive market analysis to advise you on the value of your home. This will include a range of sales prices you are likely to receive, along with net proceeds analyses that can be used as close estimates of how much you will net from the sale of your home.

Should you decide you would like to work together, we will put together a comprehensive to-do list for the preparation of your home and identify which things will be done by you and which we are likely to be done by vendors. I will coordinate obtaining bids from all the vendors which I will present to you for your approval and prior to any work being authorized.


Many sellers think they should do too much or too little when preparing their house for sale. The central question should be return on investment. I will help you determine what makes the most sense to do and we’ll only do what you want and if it’s going to help you sell faster and for more than you spend. There’s no sense in putting $1 in just to a $1 out. I will also provide whatever level of coordination you’d like all the way up to and including coordinating all the vendors. You’re always free to use your own vendors but I have a full list of providers who are reliable and provide excellent service at reasonable prices. I don’t receive any portion of their fees whatsoever. They are simply great people who are motivated to do great work for me and for my clients.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is extremely important, even in a seller’s market. We will work together to price your home in a way that’s designed to both sell quickly and bring in a price that is as high as possible.



My marketing goes above and beyond that of most real estate brokers. I work with photographers and videographers who create super high-definition images and cinematic videos. For almost all my listings, I include 3D Matterport tours, floorplans and drone photos and/or video. I personally pay for all the marketing expenses and even though these things are more costly, I know they are highly profitable for my sellers.


Multiple Offer Specialist

It’s common for sellers to receive multiple offers on their properties, but the best offer is not always the one with the highest sales price. There’s a variety of factors that come into play including the strength of the buyers, the contingencies in the offer, the likelihood a lender can close as promised, etc. I provide my sellers who receive multiple offers with a color-coded comparative analysis that shows the relative strengths and weaknesses of the offers. I also vet the buyers’ brokers and lenders for the top offers. We will look at all these factors together to assist you in choosing the truly best offer. The bottom line, is I want my sellers to have a great experience and that includes closing on time and without obstacles.

Work With Hania

Hania is infectiously passionate and knowledgeable and she creates a fully engaging and personal experience for her clients. It is truly her pleasure to fulfill her clients’ requests throughout the transaction and that definitely comes through. Contact Hania today to discuss all your real estate needs!

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